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King Size Bed Designed 

and Constructed 

When people come to me with furniture construction projects, often they have an idea as to what they want. It is usually a mental picture that needs to be “firmed-up" with a good deal of discussion and chicken-scratch drawings. The process can take some twists and turns- a small change here and a tweek there. But always, the process ends with that all telling smile upon the client's face that says, “ ah, yes, that is what I wanted." It is a great feeling for me and them.

The couple that ordered this bed was quite willing to be involved and take the time to explain and discuss what they saw as the final product during all phases of this project. There were several trips to the shop for them to look at detail items such that they could make a quality choice. They were well rewarded in the end.


This is one of a ‘that' project.
After much discussion, the drawings were completed. 
Small changes to part sizes or shapes were made 
during construction and assembly. 
This picture shows a side view of the cherry wood,
 king size bed with oversize side rails mimicking the headboard and foot board design. It is sanded and
ready for stain. But, first, it needs to be disassembled, 
as always, for the stain application and finishing.

The bed has been stained, 
finished, delivered and 
assembled in place. 
All we need are the linens.
The finished bed ready for 
Saturday afternoon nap. 
Note the headboard and 
foot board design.

A bit of detail on the foot board posts. Medallions cover the sideboard fasteners.
Thank you for reading. I hope it was 
interesting and informative.

Jim Campana