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A Simple Chair Repair 

It has always been interesting to me what people will do to “fix” a chair. Nails, hot glue, screws, tape…take your pick. People do not understand the nature of wood so they fill in the blanks. Literally, usually with wood putty or some such because the can does say that it is for repairs. I can tell stories…..

So, one day I was repairing a chair that had been in a tragedy and thought I’d show some of the repair in pictures. Note that this account shows a limited number of techniques but may be interesting.

I hope you like it and it is informative for you.

Please also note the picture showing what you do NOT want to see used on your chairs- screws.


Thanks for being here,

Jim Campana. Owner

Chairs really get abused.
Let's look a little closer.
Piece it back together and label the parts.
Using a special jig; center shafts are bored for steel.
Always make a simple fixture for the bow.
Screws, Nails and Staples Actually Weaken the Joint.
Looks for these when buying new chairs.
Manufacturers are always working to make products faster and easier. Chairs are one area that have gotten the short end on this. 
It is important to understand that nothing beats the time honored methods of good fitting joints and proper glue application.
There is no mistaking the sound of a well built chair when rustled against the floor.
Look for these details whenever buying new or used chairs.
Four broken tenons (ends) and a spidle.
Sand the broken ends away.
Refit all parts to make sure before epoxy.
Parts epoxied into place and scars of use hidden by touch-up.
Worst thing that can be done to a chair- a screw.